The Ultimate Guide To Traveling Without Money

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Without Money

Almost every article discussing why people don't travel lists money as the #1 reason. Well, duh. What none of these articles do is address and diagnose the problem. Instead, they make recommendations like "Use Frequent Flyer Points", "Go Somewhere Cheap" or "Cover Your Expenses by Renting Your Apartment." For someone who is trapped in their job or has a burning desire to travel, these articles are disheartening. When someone Google's "Traveling Without Money," all they want to do is find answers to their questions and instead they find this, a completely thoughtless post that probably took the author an hour to write. It doesn't provide solutions and instead makes superficial, generic statements as if renting out your apartment is all it takes to travel.

Article factories push content that hit keywords for SEO. They are perfectly scripted, organized and optimized to get the most traffic possible. Creating articles like this isn't necessarily a bad thing – there is nothing wrong with trying to increase traffic, but many sacrifice quality for views. Take for instance, The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money, a comprehensive look at all of the ways to travel cheaply. The Ultimate Guide isn’t one at all, it is completely off target. It is, at best, a good start. It too has no level of depth, no substance and thus no true meaning other than to introduce. It leaves the reader helpless and wanting more, not knowing where to turn because the “Ultimate Guide” wasn’t so ultimate after all.

The intent of this mini financial series is to provide real in-depth examples. These are real accounts of people who are traveling without money. They learned how to make their dreams a reality. Follow their example and you can too. These accounts explain the How so you can stop wasting your time dreaming and take action. Life is short. Don’t wake up when your 80 regretting the actions you didn’t take when you had the chance.